Split Toneworks
Hand Crafted High Performance Speakers

Design Philosophy


At Split Toneworks, we believe that your speaker cabinet should be at least as finely and thoughtfully crafted as your valuable musical instrument.

Much more than just a box with speakers, our cabinets are designed to both enhance and add to the tonal palate and characteristics of your instrument and amplifier combination. The fully braced clear pine body (think acoustic guitar construction) is designed to 'sing along' with your instrument. This design allows the cabinet itself to become an extension of your instrument's capabilities in ways of  which a run of the mill vinyl covered plywood cabinet is incapable.  The result is an ultra efficient cabinet that produces exceptional musical presence, articulation and definition even at high volume levels.

At Split Toneworks, we also believe that the loudspeaker / cabinet combination tends to be the most overlooked piece of equipment in a musician’s kit. And in practice often the weakest link in the entire audio chain.

The common scenario that drives our design: 

A finely crafted instrument's tone is carefully shaped and enhanced by state of the art FX processors. The richly processed signals are in turn channeled through a great sounding vintage or modern amplifier and then sent to a… dull sounding cabinet loaded with ‘built to a price’ mass produced loudspeakers. All of which are incapable of reproducing the harmonics, dynamics, frequencies etc. being sent to them. (See the weak link here?) The result is an uninspired overly compressed attenuated acoustic output lacking in musical nuance and articulation (as evidenced by the much experienced “lost in the room” or “no matter how much I turn up, I still can’t hear what I’m playing” syndrome). This often leads to the constant switching of instruments, amplifiers and processors (often at great expense) in pursuit of the perfect tone. All because of poorly performing 'weak link' speaker cabinets.

Split Toneworks cabinets are designed to eliminate this weak link in the audio chain by providing carefully shaped acoustic signatures that bring out the absolute best in your instrument / processor / amplifier combination.